Welcome to the Historical Library

Translated by Ángel María Martínez Sánchez

The Historical Library is the research center of the University of Salamanca in charge of the custody, processing and distribution of the bibliographic heritage of the University together with those holdings acquired or deposited in it by virtue of its functions, both historical and current.

The Library’s collections comprise of books, pamphlets, periodical titles and special materials, divided into the following classes:

  1. Historical holdings:
    • Codices, manuscripts and fragments, including typescript originals.
    • Books, pamphlets, periodicals, maps and all kinds of materials printed using manual printing procedures (15th century - 1830).
    • Any other assets distinguished by their unique value related to their content, origin or physical characteristics.
  2. Holdings related to Salamanca:
    • Publications of Salamanca prior to 1958 and Legal Deposit (1958-1982).
    • Newspapers and periodicals of Salamanca.
    • Publications of the University of Salamanca (since 1943).
  3. Bequests and donations.
  4. Multidisciplinary university holdings of intermediate antiquity (from 1830).
  5. Modern holdings in support of research.

Also part of the historical heritage linked to the Historical Library are the furniture and the globes inside the Old Library.

The main objective of the General Historical Library is to preserve its bibliographic holdings, bringing together conservation and distribution. To meet this objective it is necessary to regulate the right of access for consultation and the use of material kept in it.