Digital Library: Gredos Repository

The Management System of the University of Salamanca’s Document Repository (GREDOS) provides online access to digital documents with historical, scientific, educational and institutional content. The University of Salamanca disseminates in open access through the GREDOS heritage collections, scientific literature and teaching resources and information.

The sections of the repository where the digitized old collections can be found are as follows:

  • • Institutional Archive: Documents which are institutional, informational, regulatory, or administrative about the University of Salamanca. From the community USAL histórico you can access the old Constitutions and Statutes of the University. In addition, it holds the Annual Reports of the University of Salamanca since 1856 and the opening speeches from 1824 to 1982.
  • Biblioteca digital /Biblioteca Histórica: Here you can find all the old collection digitised (manuscripts and imprints) from the library.

Besides, digitised collections can be accessed from the library catalogue. If the document sought is digitised, a text appears "Universidad de Salamanca. Texto completo" (full text) in a box entitled "recurso electrónico" (electronic resource).

In turn, the records of the documents deposited in GREDOS are collected in other Websites such as Hispana and from here on the European portal Europeana.

Should you be interested in the new additions to the repository, the system allows you to subscribe to an alert system through email or news syndication system (RSS).