Norberto Cuesta

Norberto Cuesta Dutari (Salamanca, 1907-1989) was a professor of mathematics at the University of Salamanca. At his death he bequeathed his collection of books to the Library of the University, which was incorporated in 1989. While it consists mostly of scientific books related to the subjects he taught, there are also a number works of literature, history, etc. He also acquired antique books.

In addition to numerous publications devoted to his teaching subjects, he dedicated extensive work to a major figure in the teaching of mathematics in this University, Juan Justo García, a presbyter born in Zafra, vice-lecturer of algebra in the University of Salamanca since 1774 and creator of the College of Philosophy in 1792: El maestro Juan Justo García, presbítero natural de Zafra (1752-1830). Salamanca: Universidad de Salamanca, 1974.

The books in this collection bear the symbol BG / NCD and a number currens.