Plan your visit in advance

Modern Collections and press library: all you need to do is show your ID card (USAL card, identity card or passport).

Old Collection: In order both to optimize your research, to avoid delays in service, and to ensure that the works to be consulted are available, the applicant must first send a letter or an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it justifying the investigation, stating the days they plan to visit the library and the collections they wish to consult. The Library will reply to the applicant in writing.

Who can access the library’s Old Collection?

In order to be considered as a researcher with right of access to the Historical repository, the following accreditations are required:

  • Teachers, administrative staff and students at the University of Salamanca must show their USAL card.
  • Students at the University of Salamanca, including doctorate students, must present their student card, together with a letter from a professor from the University of Salamanca indicating the research topic and type of repository or repositories they want to access.
  • Teachers from other Spanish or foreign universities or research centers, members of national academies and similar institutions in other countries, as well as archival and library professionals, must present their ID card or passport, together with a valid accreditation that identifies them as such.
  • Users interested in consulting the Historical repository who are not included in any of the preceding paragraphs will require prior authorization. They must justify their profession and the nature and characteristics of their research, and indicate the type of repository or repositories they want to access and the expected duration of their investigation. A letter of introduction from a recognized professional in the field of research is advisable. If your research has been approved, you must present a written authorization in the library together with an ID or passport and the original professional accreditation.