User Rules

Only graphite pencils will be used for taking notes when working in Reading Room. Researchers will find adequate pencils on the library's desks.

Introducing any object into the books as means of bookmark is prohibited. Do not write, trace, underline, etc. on their sheets or covers. The library will provide easels and the right instruments to keep the books open.

You can see two books simultaneously and up to 10 a day. Consultation of a larger number –in the event that the investigation so requires– must be requested and it must be expressly authorized by the Library’s management staff.

New orders (already authorized) can be placed up to half an hour before the closing time of the reading room.

Access will be denied to those items from the Old Collection and the Newspapers holdings which are available in full text in facsimile or digital format. Instead, these items will be consulted in the reading room or on the Internet (through the catalogue, in the Gredos Repository of the University of Salamanca or in virtual libraries).

Also, the query for some originals may be restricted for conservation reasons, for being on exhibit or for being restored. In such cases the Library will provide copies. If the type of research requires the viewing of these originals, consultation must be requested, justified and specifically authorized by the management of the library.

The introduction and/or use in the room of any playback device, scanner, camera, etc., is prohibited. their use, in exceptional cases, must be authorized by the Director of the Library.

Full text of the Rules of access and consultation of the General Historical Library, approved by the University (19 de febrero de 2010). [view full text]