General Information

What are the library’s opening hours?

Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 21:00.

Who can access the library’s modern repository?

All persons over 18 years, showing any of the following accreditations:

  • Teachers, administrative staff and students at the University of Salamanca must show their USAL card.
  • Users outside the University of Salamanca must present an ID card or passport. For certain collections it will be necessary to justify the need to use the library’s repositories in one’s research.

Who can use the antique repository?

In order to be considered as a researcher with right of access to the Historical repository, the following accreditations are required:

  • Teachers and staff of the University of Salamanca must show their USAL card.
  • Students at the University of Salamanca, including doctorate students, must present their student card, together with a letter from a professor at the University of Salamanca indicating the research topic and type of repository or repositories they want to access.
  • Teachers from other Spanish or foreign universities, research centres, members of national academies and similar institutions in other countries, as well as archival and library professionals, must present their ID card or passport, together with a valid accreditation that identifies them as such.
  • Users interested in consulting the Historical repository who are not included in any of the preceding paragraphs will require prior authorization. They must justify their profession and the nature and characteristics of their research, and indicate the type of repository or repositories they want to access and the expected duration of their investigation. A letter of introduction from a recognized professional in the field of research is advisable. If your research has been approved, you must present a written authorization in the library together with an ID or passport and the original professional accreditation.


Where can I learn how the library works and what services are available?

Please visit the library's website.

Is there a home loan service?

No. Since most of the holdings kept in the General Historical Library are antique, home loan is not available.

Are there any other services?

Please visit the Library Service website for other general services (my account, interlibrary loans, literature searches, etc.).

How I can make a complaint or suggestion to the Library?

There are several ways, e-mail being the most common. Also, there are forms available at the reception desk.
All complaints or suggestions received are taken into consideration, and answered. It is our aim to solve them as soon as possible.

I am seeking information about...

How can I find a book or magazine in the library?

You can use the library’s catalogue. All books in the General Historical Library bear the initials "BG /" in their pressmark. Learn more.

I cannot find the item I am looking for in the Library's computerized catalogue. Does it mean it is not in the Library?

No. The library is in the process of automated cataloguing all its holdings.
To begin with, all periodicals are available in the automated catalogue. However, the antique section –prior to 1830– and the rest of the modern section are still being processed.
Therefore, it is necessary to consult the card catalogue or request information from the Library.

Are all the holdings digitised?

No. It is an ongoing process.
A box saying "Electronic Resource" may be seen on the tabs which describe the books or periodicals.

  • Some selected pages from each book from the antique collection have been digitised. In that event only the signature appears in this box.
  • If the book is fully digitised, it says “Texto completo” (full text).
  • Sometimes a link is provided to another institution where you can find the scanned document.

Is it possible to consult these digitised sectors freely?

Yes. When you click on the link, you will get a message calling for the execution of a small Java program required for viewing images.

Is there any other possibility to access the library’s digitised holdings?

Yes. Please visit Gredos (University of Salamanca Digital Repository). You will find under the tag "Digital Library" the books and journals in the library that have been digitised.

What does the term “Index en” (appearing in the bibliographic records) mean?

This refers to bibliographies or catalogues (printed or online) which describe and / or locate the given works. For full reference, please see the Bibliography.

About infrastructure and equipment

May I use my laptop in the library?

Yes. The library has wireless connection available.

Is there a laptop loan service in the library?

Even though there is not such a service in the General Historical Library, there is in other centers (loan of laptops).
Some desktop computers are available at the library for those who do not bring a laptop. You should bring an USB stick if you want to take the documents created on those computers away with you.

Can I print my documents in the library?

No. There is no printing service available at the library.

Is there a photocopying service in the library?

Yes. The library offers reproductions of originals on paper (photocopies, hard copies and blowbacks), microfilm or in digital format (Prices). Use the forms available at the reception desk or use an e-form.

Can I take pictures or scan documents myself?

Only under special circumstances and upon request will it be authorized, up to a maximum of 10 images and with a fee of €0.50 per image.

Is there a room for group work?

Yes. The library has a room with wifi connection for about 15 people, intended for teaching activities that relate to or require the holdings of the library.
Should you need this room, please book it in advance (e-mail).