The university library holds 483 incunabula. The history of this collection presents the same ups and downs as the manuscripts’ one. It holds items from the libraries of Alonso Ortiz, Núñez de Guzman, the Jesuit school and the University Colleges. There are also more recent acquisitions, as the Leyes del estilo (Salamanca 1497, Inc. 387) or the philosophical works of Petrus Tartaretus (Lyon 1498, Inc. 388)

The incunabula in this collection came mostly from the Italian ateliers, especially from Venice: Venetian incunabula represent 40% of the whole collection. Some rare books –at least in Spanish libraries– are among them, as the Cosmographia of Pomponio Mela (Venice, c. 1498, Imp 37262-2).

There are also some rare books among the Spanish incunabula: the Instructiones curatorum by the bishop of Huesca, Juan de Aragón (Zaragoza c. 1488-1491, Imp 26079-4), the Differentiae by Nebrija or the Proba falconia, both from of the primitive and anonymous press of Salamanca (c. 1487-1490, Inc. 386-4 and 386-3).

Zacuto    Ajedrez

Catalogues of the incunabula holdings